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Glass Manifestation

Glass Manifestation is a legal requirement, but can also be used to enhance your company pro-file. Whether it be on-street advertising or internal office partition, Chameleon can provide design and installation solutions.

DDA Manifestation

DDA Regulations The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 legislates that those with disabilities have a right to be protected from the dangers of glass and glazing. An example of this would be entrance doors and glazed screens that are not easily distinguishable. Any doors or screens should be identifiable when they are open or closed. Manifestation should be located between 850mm – 1000mm and 1400mm – 1600mm i.e. in 150mm high bands which could be a solid band, a decorative feature or split bands of 50mm each. High contrast strips at the top and on both sides of a glazed door in a glazed screen should be provided. If glass doors can remain in the open position, the leading edge should be clearly distinguished and protected by guarding (en-trance doors only) to prevent it becoming a collision hazard. Chameleon can help design and install any designs required to adhere to legislation.

Digital Glass

Digitally printed images applied to glass offer radically new decorative solutions that enhance and improve living and working environments. The ability to transform ordinary flat glass into exciting decorative signage gives architects, designers and specifiers new scope to deliver surface treated glazing and signage solutions that enhance internal and external environments beautifully. If you need a design on a kitchen splash back or an elevation of partitioning enhanced digital-ly printed. The options are endless.

Frosted Manifesation & Privacy Film

Frosted glass effects can be used to create privacy, subtly advertise you company as well as complying with health and safety requirements. By installing etched vinyl it will give privacy and add style without sacrificing natural light. Frosted vinyl's give the effect of etching at a fraction of the cost. After application the natural light will still flood through and at the same time giving you privacy. Making it the perfect alternative to blinds and curtains.

Corporate Logos

You only get one chance to make a first impression. What do you want your business to say about you? Once you have decided, then take time to think through the look and how best to convey a lasting impression to your new and potential customers. With this in mind the first impression when a customer arrives at your premises needs to be a lasting one. Here at chameleon our in house design team thrive on the challenge of corporate identity and if needed will help you from start to finish.

Specialist Vinyl Manifestation

Translucent films form a new dimension of architecture for the creative designer. Applications are endless. From glass partitions, building graphics and corporate signage. This film incorporates a low gloss matte surface finish eliminating glare transmitting a uniform colour in both reflected and transmitted light. The other option is transparent vinyl's. These gloss transparent sign marking vinyl's give stunning instant colour to any glazing application.