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Window Film

Should your needs be solar control, glare or safety and security, Chameleon offers a solution, by applying window films to your existing glazing, we will improve your outlook.

Safety & Security

Safety and security films offer protection from, bomb blast, vandalism, terrorism, accidents, smash and grab thieves and more. Safety and security films give an optically clear yet a powerful barrier to secure your valuables at work, home or on the move. Heavy duty layered polyester and strong adhesives help to hold the glass fragments together therefore reducing potential injury from flying glass. If safety is not the only requirement then a combination solar safety film can be applied giving you all the benefits of a solar film with the added security features and still with the full UV protection but installed as one. All of our films have passed the stringent testing required in this field and are installed by our own qualified fitters.

Heat, Glare & Solar

Chameleon supply and install a wide range of solar control window films to reduce the heat build up within your office, workplace, home or vehicle. Excess heat can make working conditions uncomfortable, reduce work efficiency and cause complaints and tiredness. Solar control window films applied to the existing glass in your shop, office, school, factory or home can dramatically help to reduce the problem whilst still allowing perfect visibility out of the building, and can easily be removed with no damage to existing glazing should you require. Solar control window films which reduce heat can also reduce the strain on air conditioning systems and electric fans, helping to reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills. Solar control films are available in a wide range of grades, shades and colours to suit the outward look of your building. Our most popular solar films are high reflective silvers and bronzes which can reduce the excess heat by up to 80% while still allowing natural light to pass through. We are pleased to discuss your requirements and offer you the best solution using our expect knowledge and if required, attend your site for a no obligation survey, advice and quotation.